Projects Click thumbnail to enlarge Commercial infill, 34,200 sf of office space and day care on 5 acres. TND Community, 736 dwellings and 45,000 sf of commercial space on 189 acres. Golf course residential community, 850 units on 485 acres. Golf course residential community; 250 units on 488 acres. Urban revitalization project, 6884 dwellings and 200,000 sm of commercial space. Mixed use development, 770 units and 1.4 msf of commercial on 482 acres. Mixed use commercial development, 252,000 sf of office space plus restaurant, hotel and bank pads. Brownfields adaptive re-use, 205,000 sf educational campus on 12 acres. Residential community, 350 units on 85 acres. © Kennedy & Associates All rights reserved 2010  Website by K&A